Creating Curb Appeal With Fences: Fence Ideas and Designs

Create A Fenced-In Area In Your Rental Home's Backyard To Attract Tenants

An individual may not be able to afford a home in their current financial situation, but this does not mean that they have no interest in having their own garden. Rental apartments, condos, townhomes, and most single-family homes typically do not provide an opportunity for true gardening. However, if you own a rental home, you should create a fenced-in area, which will give tenants a chance to garden on their own.

A Picket Fence Looks the Best

If you already have a fence in the backyard, you can save a bit of money by using it for one side, which means you would only need to pay for the labor and materials for three sides. A picket fence is an ideal option for this kind of setup because it provides substantial visibility. As for the material, you should consider plastic lumber, which is extremely low-maintenance, a perfect quality to have in a rental home.

Add a Gate for Easy Access

Although you could make part of the fence extra short to allow for easy access with stepping in and out, you are better off adding a gate that bypasses this minor inconvenience. A gate can blend in seamlessly with the rest of the fence, or you can make it stand out to showcase its location. Also, having a gate makes it a lot easier to transport tools, plants, harvests, water pales, and other garden-related items in and out.

Maintain the Rest of the Yard

With a picket fence that surrounds a specific area, you do not have to worry about ownership problems. The tenants should clearly understand that their area of responsibility is within the picket fence, which eliminates the need to give each tenant a deep walkthrough to describe what is theirs and what is yours.

Give the Tenants a Chance to Grow

The main reason to invest in such a feature for your rental home is to provide tenants with something that they are not able to get at most other rentals. For those who are not interested in gardening, they can bypass planting anything within the fenced-in area and still live in the rental. As for those who love the idea of gardening, they can get started as soon as they move in. Adding this kind of feature is a great way to gain more interest for your rental, especially from those with an interest in gardening.

Whether you go large or small, a fenced-in area is an excellent addition for your rental home. Go to site to learn more.