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How To Repaint A Wooden Fence

A wooden panel fence will need to be repainted over the years. It will be especially necessary if you live in a wet environment or if the wood is always getting wet from the sprinklers or another watering system. Repainting an exterior fence is much easier if you use a pneumatic spray gun. The rough surface of a wooden fence is difficult to paint with a roller or normal brushes. Renting and using a spray gun requires a little bit of practice and instruction. This article explains how to operate a spray gun to get the most consistent finish without creating a huge mess.

Setting Up the Gun

Setting up the gun is usually straightforward. First, mix the can of paint and place it in the can holder attached to the compressor. Then, submerge the intake hose into the paint. At this point you can turn on the power and begin to spray. At first you will need to spray the gun into a piece of cardboard or wood (something you can throw away). You will probably need to spray for almost a minute to get the paint to go through the power line and start to come out consistently. Once you have a consistent paint stream, you can start to spray the fence.

Spraying Like a Pro

Spray guns are easy to use, but it takes a little bit of practice to get a consistent finish. It is important to never keep the gun stationary when painting. Always keep it moving. In fact, start moving the gun before you pull the trigger. It is best to paint from side to side. Wave your hand across your body and pull the trigger as soon as you start moving, and then be sure to depress the trigger before your arm stops moving. Only hold down the trigger for short bursts. Do not continue to hold as you go back and forth, or else the overlapped portions on the end will receive more paint. Always try to paint from one side of the fence to the other so you don't end up overlapping or accidentally giving one portion too many coats.

Painting a fence might take several days, so it is vital that you give the gun and hoses a full cleaning at the end of each day. Repeat the same set up steps at the beginning of each day and you are sure to have a nicely working gun.

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