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Home Security: Choosing An Electric Gate

A gated entrance can transform your house or driveway into a beautiful and secure place. Opting to have an automated electric gate can be even better. Read on to learn why an automated gate could be right for you and how your existing manual gate can be automated.

Why go for an automated gate?

An electric gate can be better than a manual one because it is typically easier to operate and can improve your home security. A set of electric gates that can be controlled remotely removes the hassle of pulling the gate panels open by hand, which can be time consuming and exhausting. Automated gates usually run on a set of electric motors or rams that can be operated using a remote control, giving you the ability to easily and quickly open and close the gates without having to do any manual work.

Automated gates also give you better control over who can access your home. You can give members of your family a remote controller and security code to allow them to operate the gates. Anyone without clearance cannot operate the gate, which can make you feel completely safe while you're at home. Additionally, automated gates can help ensure that your children and pets play outside in absolute safety, as there is often minimal chance of an accidental opening.

When it comes to security, automated gates can be an excellent choice. Breaking into an electric gate often means bypassing a complex electric system, which can be very daunting. This serves as an effective deterrent to burglars, who won't be able to quickly get in and out of your property.

Electric gates can also be highly flexible, allowing you to operate them manually if the power goes down. Most automated gates will be fitted with a manual override that allows you to operate them manually if needed.

Can your existing gate be automated?

If you have a non-electric gate, chances are that it can easily be automated.

In most cases, your fence contractor will recommend that either hydraulic rams or underground electro-mechanical motors be installed on each gate leaf to automate it. Having electronic motors installed is usually not very feasible, as there is much more work involved in fitting the motors beneath the surface, unless the geometry of the existing gates allows it.

Many contractors will often opt for hydraulic rams that can easily be mounted on the hinges. A hydraulic operating system is also more powerful than its counterpart, allowing it to support heavier gates or to work well in extremely windy locations.

If you're interested in having an automated gate installed, contact a company like F & W Fence Company, Inc.