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Four Advantages Of Chain Link Fencing

Chain link fencing is one of the most popular types of fencing available on the market, largely due to its unique set of distinct advantages that make it ideal for both residential and commercial applications. Understanding what some of the largest advantages associated with chain link fencing are can help you decide if a chain link fence is the best choice for your property's needs.


One of the main advantages of chain link fencing is its high degree of durability. The chain link itself is made out of metal and is flexible enough to withstand both weather exposure and physical pressure without cracking, splintering, or denting, which can affect more brittle materials like vinyl and wood. Furthermore, in order to protect against rust and corrosion, the metal strands that make up chain link are often coated with a protective layer of plastic, improving the overall lifespan of chain link fences.


Another massive advantage associated with chain link fencing over other types of fencing materials is its low cost. This is partially because of the low material costs of chain link fencing materials, but also because of the relatively light weight of chain link, which allows an entire fencing installation to be completed within a matter of hours, significantly reducing the labor costs associated with chain link fencing.

Lack of Maintenance

Chain link fencing is also an extremely low maintenance fencing solution for your property, largely because of the durability of the fencing material itself. Beyond general trimming of plants that may be growing near the fence, nothing needs to be done to maintain the fence itself: even dirt and debris will not be easily visible on chain link fencing as it would be on traditional flat paneled fences.

Ease of Repairs

Another key consideration of chain link fencing is the fact that it can be easily repaired. Damaged or ripped sections of chain link fencing can be simply cut out and replaced with new chain link fencing, without having to dig up the fencing posts or alter the rest of the fence. This helps keep costs low and the disruption associated with repairs minimal as well.

Aesthetic Considerations

Finally, one of the most important considerations of chain link fencing is the fact that it can provide a barrier around your property without actually sacrificing the view – the only type of fencing material that does so. This means that you can easily install a chain link fence for security purposes or dog fence without significantly changing the appearance of your property.

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