Creating Curb Appeal With Fences: Fence Ideas and Designs

What Type Of Fence Will Best Improve Your Front Yard's Appearance

Adding a fence to your front yard can make it look amazing. Depending on the height and style of fence you choose, it can also give you some privacy, coral young children and pets, and deter trespassers. Choosing the right material for your new fence is the first step in updating your landscaping.

Chain Link

Chain link is the least expensive option and the easiest to maintain. The flip side of this is that it isn't particularly attractive, so it's not a common choice for a front yard fence. That doesn't mean that you should completely count it out though. Chain link is the simplest choice if you want to maintain visibility to the street while keeping people and animals on the correct side of the fence, whether they are your children or a passing stranger. If you are willing to give up some of that visibility, plastic strips are available to weave into the links to improve the attractiveness of the fence.


The white picket fence is a piece of classic Americana. Even if you don't choose to go with white paint, a wood fence is a stunning accent to your yard. You also have the option of taller privacy fences if that is your goal, though these are more common in backyard installations. These fences do require regular maintenance as if the paint is allowed to deteriorate, rot can start to set in. You will generally need to clean the fence at least once a year and repaint every couple years.


Vinyl is the modern alternative to wood. Not only is it more sustainable, it is far easier to care for. While newer versions use simulated wood grain to make it look closer to wood, the difference will still be visible up close if someone stops for an inspection. As far as maintenance goes, there is no painting. It is still a good idea to wash your fence so it keeps its color, but other than that there is little to do other than replace any broken slats when that occurs.

Each type of fencing has its own unique benefits and problems. Based on your situation and budget, one of these choices should be standing out to you as the right choice for your lawn. If you are still unsure, consulting with a fencing contractor, such as at Canyon  Fence Co, can help you narrow your options to the ones that are best for your space.