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The Pros And Cons Of Chain Link Fencing

Commercial chain link fencing is designed with security purposes in mind. Construction contractors want to quickly put up a fence, no matter how temporary, to protect the work site and prevent theft of tools and materials. This type of fencing has lots of other uses for lots of other commercial properties, too. So, if you think your property could make use of chain link fencing, you should know the pros and cons first.


It Installs Quickly

Once all of the posts are in the ground (and the posts can be as close together or as far apart as you want, with a foot being the shortest distance and eight feet being the longest distance), the rest of the installation goes lickety-split. All the fencing contractor has to do is stand up the roll of chain link material, roll it out from post to post, and secure it at each post, and it is done. Typically, one long roll of fencing material creates a continuous fence with no breaks and no cutting or waste of material until the fence encircles the entire property.

It Lasts Forever

Chain link fences last longer than most people do. Short of you removing it or having a large car or truck try to plow through your fence, this fence is going nowhere. It is not likely to rust either because of the metal used and the protective coating over the whole of it.


It Is Easily Scaled

Kids have been scaling chain link fences in schoolyards for decades. It does not take much to put the toes of your shoes into the diamond-shaped holes in the fence and climb up and over. Even if the fence is slightly wobbly because the links wiggle a little, you can still scale it. 

It Is No Match for a Bolt Cutters

Not surprisingly, when used as the first line of defense around restricted areas, property owners will notice that somebody has come along with a bolt cutters and cut away some of the fencing to create the perfect-sized hole. Through this hole, someone can easily crawl, and then they can come and go on your property. When the whole point to choosing this type of fencing was to keep people out and keep pets and family in, it is disheartening when it is damaged by a bolt cutters. On the up side, it is easy to repair damage after someone has taken a bolt cutter to your fence.