Planting Border Landscaping This Spring? Take Care To Protect Your Wooden Fencing

By creating moisture problems and attracting pests, landscaping can do damage if it's installed too close to your wooden fencing. Knowing how to protect your fencing can help you maintain your fence and ensure its structural integrity during the growing season. Follow these tips to achieve the landscaping look that you want while ensuring the protection of your wooden fence. Repaint Or Touch Up Your Fencing's Finish Before installing your landscaping, touch up or reseal the finish on your wooden fence. [Read More]

Choosing The Right Stylish Fence For Your Home

When you have decided that you want to fence in your front yard to make your home more private and secure, you may find yourself wondering what type of fence you should select for yourself and your home. After all, in the front yard, virtually every passer-by will see your fence, meaning that it will set the aesthetic tone and style for your entire home. There are numerous stylish fence options available for you to choose from. [Read More]

That's Just Vine With Me: Whether Or Not To Grow Vines On Your Iron Fence

If you are installing an iron fence around your yard, you are also installing a perfect trellis for vines. It's very common to see iron fence posts wrapped in lovely green vines, but you have to be sure you know what you're getting into before adding these plants. Vines aren't the most difficult plants to care for -- in fact, they can be rather gardener-friendly -- but they do have their requirements. [Read More]

How To Pour A Concrete Footing For A Chain-Link Fence

A chain-link fence is usually used as a temporary solution. However, it can also be a permanent solution if the posts are properly installed. This article will explain the best way to install the concrete footings for posts. This will allow you to add a chain-link fence that can still be strong and long-lasting, even if it is set in soil. Digging Holes for the Footing The fence posts needs to be set in footings that are about half as deep as the fence is tall. [Read More]